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Drawn wire

In qualities:
  • B500A (+G)

Cold reduced and bright drawn low-carbon wire.

Diameters: Ø 2,0 až Ø 12,0 mm




Weight 500 – 2.000 kg
Ø ID – Inner diameter 540 – 600 mm
Ø H – Coil height 600 mm
Packaging clockwise or anticlockwise, 4 Metal straps, 4 Rings
If required pallets, plastics


Wire “falling” on formers

Weight 150 – 800 kg


The surface depends on the customers wish and the individual application. Typical applications for our wires are

Sales equipment

Shopping trolleys
Transport container


Household appliances

Basket insert for dishwashers


Fences, welding mesh, cable trays, chains and fasteners